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Vacances à El Rocío - Lince Casa Rural

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You surely have heard about El Rocío and that is because this small village conquer hearts all around the world. It is the end of the pilgrimage path being done every year and it's the perfect place for a relax trip any moment of the year.

You surely have heard about El Rocío and that is because this small village conquer hearts all around the world. It is the end of the pilgrimage path being done every year and it's the perfect place for a relax trip any moment of the year. We encourage tyou to come and stay at Lince Rural House.

What to see at El Rocío

All the maritime landscape of Doñana, the horses, the religious admiration, the streets of albero where successive white houses are found and the headquarters of the different Brotherhoods... merges in this magical place of the village of El Rocío.

Visit the Hermitage

vacaciones en el rocío

Thousand of people make their way to adore the Blanca Paloma virgin in a multitudinous pilgrimage. This village is one of the most charming places in the province of Huelva and one of the things you can not miss is the Rocío Hermitage.

This beautiful Hermitage is surprising both because of its exterior and for its baroque interior, where we can find the patron saint of El Rocío: Nuestra Señora del Rocío, also known as the Blanca Paloma (Withe Pidgeon).

During the celebration of the famouse pilgrimage of El Rocío, the local people "jump the fence" and take the Virgin out walk it around the village. "The Transfer", as its called, starts at midnight and last until dawn

El Rocío Maritime Landscape

vacaciones en el rocío

Other of the charms of this area are the marshes of Doñana, an emblematic place in the heart of the Doñana National Park. For this visit we recommend the guided tours in 4x4 that take place in the area or a magnificent horse ride to put the end to a dream vacation.

In this visit you can enjoy unique and free animals such as the Iberian lynx, protected species in danger of extinction, flamingos, deers and a lot of raptors. A picturesque landscape.

Also, a unique and unparalleled moment for anyone who can live it, the Saca de Yeguas is celebrated on the famous Paseo Marismeño de El Rocío. In this spectacular tradition the yeguerizos lead a troop of mares through the streets of El Rocío to Almonte. You can enjoy on June 26, always coinciding with the Fair of San Pedro.

vacaciones en el rocío yeguas

Where to eat at El Rocío

El Rocío is the best place to enjoy the typical gastronomy of the Doñana region such as the delicious veal or delicious fish from the coast of Huelva.

Throughout the village you will find incredible restaurants where you can enjoy the best dishes of the area. Some of them with incredible views.

Where to sleep at El Rocío: Lince Casa Rural

If you are thinking of going to El Rocio to enjoy all these wonders, you can stay at Lince Casa Rural, located in the heart of El Rocío where you can find rest and tranquility. It houses 10 cozy rooms fully equipped with everything you need for your stay and enjoy a great vacation.

In addition, to enjoy the outdoors and nature, we organize, throughout the year, from horseback riding and horse-drawn carriages through the great Rocío and excursions in all terrain, to guided tours of the Doñana National Park.

For any information you can contact us, we will be happy to offer you the best experience to fully enjoy your holiday in El Rocío and its nature.


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