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The Doñana National Park

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The Doñana National Park is one of the most protected and important natural areas in Europe. Its magic makes it to be an obligatory place to visit. Located near the village of El Rocío. Come, spend a few days with Lince Casa Rural and meet it.

Surely you've heard about that little village with so much magic called El Rocío, located in Huelva. Many are the tourists who come to spend a few magical days. Near it are one of the natural jewels of Andalusia, the Doñana National Park. In Lince Casa Rural in El Rocío we tell you more about Doñana.

Doñana National Park

The Doñana National Park is considered one of the most important natural protected areas in Europe, declared World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994. It has 54,351 hectares of national park and 68,236 hectares of natural park.

Located in the southwest of the Iberia Peninsula, between the mouths of the Tinto and Guadalquivir Rivers. It is composed of extensive virgin beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean which make up its limit. Territory in the provinces of Huelva, Seville and Cádiz.

parque nacional de doñana

History of Doñana Park

The origins of Doñana as a region go back several centuries. Civilizations such as the Etruscans, the Phoenicians and the Greeks passed and left their mark on this natural emblem. In addition, already in historical texts of century XIII the park is mentioned like favourite place of the royalty and nobility for the hunting, due to its diversity of fauna.

But the name of the park is given by Doña Ana de Mendoza, daughter of the princess of Éboli, and married to the VII Duke of Medina Sidonia, she retired to live in these lands in the sixteenth century.

Routes with charm in Doñana National Park

On horseback, on foot or in 4x4. To visit the Doñana park is to enjoy a labyrinth of land and water that gives shape to marshes, lagoons and river course born from another river, reserves and pine forests, dunes, beaches and spectacular cliffs. The routes and places that we recommend most are:

Reserve of the king

This classic route, destined to one of the most important hunting reserves of royalty, is organized from El Rocío. You can start it from the Ajolí Bridge, which is just 500 meters from the village of El Rocío. If you make this tour, hopefully you will see some of the last Iberian lynx in Doñana.

Visitors Center José Antonio Valverde

We also recommend the marshes route in 4x4, where you can find the Visitors Center José Antonio Valverde, also known as Cerrado Garrido, one of the places with the highest concentration of birds.

Parque Nacional Doñana centro

The Aperillo´s Cliff

Another good option to get to know Doñana is to enter the dune path of the Asperillo Cliff making the Laguna del Jaral path. Its 30 meters of altitude make this cliff unique. The tiredness can not with you and you will reach the end of the route! Recommended to arrive at sunset, the contrast of ocher and reddish colours make this place difficult to forget.

Parque Nacional Doañana Asperillo

If you are thinking about spending a few days in the Huelva area, you know the visit to the Doñana National Park is mandatory. Staying in El Rocío to know all the hidden places that this wonder has is a very successful option and in Lince Casa Rural in El Rocío we have accommodation for you to spend an unforgettable stay. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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